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Flannels For All

We all have our favourite Flannel Shirt. Whether it's a Classic like the Buffalo check or some new like a Floral Print, We'll make sure you look great this season.
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Wool Coats

If I could name one garment that is completely essential to every modern mans Winter Closet, it would be a 3/4 length wool coat. The winter brings with it man occasions to dress up. Whether it be at a Company Christmas party or Dinner with friends, it's a great opportunity to show some class and style. Our Wool coats come in a variety of colours and but all have one thing in common, their class.
Luke Green Creative Director

Winter Parkas

We live in Canada and all Canadians know that winter is tough. Winter is only as tough as you let it be. That's why we have created our SubZerø collection. These winter Parkas are graded to take even the coldest weather Canada can throw at us. With Dense down filling, fleece lined pockets and a resilient outer shell. The -30 weather and wind chill won't be a problem.

Chino For Every Occasion

chinos are the most versatile pant in any mans closet. They can be dressed down for a causal look or Dressed up for a business or Party setting. Either way its all about the fit and the Colour.
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